Redsail M3020 Laser Engraving Machine USB Co2 Laser Engraver


Redsail M3020 Laser Engraver in Lahore Pakistan

Redsail M3020 Laser Engraving Machine USB Co2 Laser Engraver in Lahore Pakistan.

Redsail Laser Cutting Machine work with Co2 Laser, it is used for cutting wooden plate, acrylic, paper, plastic, rubber and other non-metal materials for complex shape.

Redsail low cost Laser Cutter is useful in many products such as air plane model, advertisement, decoration, article gifts, toys, and face guard of machine.


  • Interface to Computer:USB Port
  • FDA Compliant:Yes
  • Laser Type:CO2 Gas
  • Current:0~22mA
  • Engraving Area:12x8in (300x200mm)
  • Laser Power:40W
  • Engraving Speed:0-13.8 in./s  (0-500mm/s)
  • Cutting Speed:0-1.38 in./s (0-35mm/s)
  • Minimum Shaping Character:0.04 X0.04in (1mm X 1mm)
  • Resolution Ratio:0.001 in (0.026mm) / (1000dpi)
  • Power Supply:110V/220
  • Resetting Positioning:≤0.0004 in (0.01mm)
  • Motor Type:Stepper Motor
  • Software Supported: CorelDraw software (Laser Draw)
  • Power Consumption:≤250W
  • Operating Temperature:32-113F (0-42C)
  • Graphic Format Supported:BMP/JPG/JPEG/WMF/EMF/PLT
  • Water Cooling:Water Pump include
  • Machine Model ( Redsail Laser Engraving Machine M3020 )

List of Packing

Wood box packing

Co2 LASER Engraver

 Water Pump
Smoke Pipe
Smoke Fan
Power Wire
USB Cable
Softwares, (Laser Draw and Corel Laser)
Accessory Bag

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