Creation Cutting Plotter CT1200 48 inches


Creation Cutting Plotter CT1200 streamline body design and top-setting control panel with the LCD display make the plotters much easier to operate while having the most beautiful look. Lahore by Nishaman Traders.

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Specification Plotter
Models: CT1200
Max media width: 1300mm
Max cutting width: 1195mm
Main board: 16bit CPU, 1MB CACHE MEMORY
Control board: Over-head, 2*8character LCD, 13KEYS
Max cutting speed: 400mm/s
Max cutting lenghth: 20000mm
Max cutting thickness: 1mm
Cutting pressure: 0-800g(digital adjustment)
Resolution: 0.05mm
Blades: Carbide blades(30, 45, 60degree)
Pen: Any plotter pen with diameter of 11.4mm
Protocol: DM-PL/HP-GL(TM)
Interface: RS232/USB2.0
Power supply: AC110V/220V, 50Hz
Dimension: 1590*375*450
Weight: 45kg
Product Information
Creation Plotter Cutter CT1200 or Creation Cutting Plotter CT1200
with Floor Stand.


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